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Apple not gr8 with names

January 14, 2010 Leave a comment

Just read on my favorite blog (gizmodo) that Steve jobs was gonna name the now known as iMac MacMan I mean cmon this was after the iPod was huge so you have the “i” thing going on but not only that but “macman” was being used by another company and apple tried buying it that’s just plain stupid so now with the “is late” srry my bad meant islate doesn’t apple learn whatever gotta give it to them make one he’ll of a device (btw posting this from my iPod lol) tell me what you think about apples name choosing and if you have any other companys with bad name choosing leave a comment

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iPhone 4.0 rumors

January 14, 2010 Leave a comment

Hey there have not been uploading pics with my posts cause i have no memory space (free hosting sucks) btw good news gonna upgrade my hosting (and gonna create my own cydia source gonna keep you updated about that also) soon and get a good domain name so look for updates soon.

Now for the reason your here so rumors are saying iPhones gonna get iChat oooyyaa I mean thats amazing just imagine iChating on the go(ill bet there gonna ban skype from adding the video chat feature) plus there upgrading there cameras for better quality they might add a better processor for more speed and better game play now ihackinjosh @ was writing a whole thing about things we want on the new firmwaree that we have in cydia sucha s multi tasking expose’ and pogoplang etc… check it out hope this interested you btw cjeck out cydia source must have enjoy